A message to Muslims and Christians in Nigeria

To whom it may concern. I didn’t say much during and after the presidential election, but with the videos and audios we’ve heard about preachers telling their followers to vote religion and not competency still shows us that we aren’t ready for change.

 In some videos circulating around the Internet and mostly in Hausa Language.

Nigeria is for every one and not just one religion alone. I thought we all want change but obviously we aren’t ready for any.

To Christians and Muslims, Nigeria belongs to everyone . Not just you and your religion alone. Or what your Pastor or Imam told you to do in the Church or Mosque. Kaduna state isn’t for Elrufai alone and his followers and what ever agenda he has, telling APC supporters to make sure that they vote for Muslim- Muslim ticket, shows that its really base on religion. therefore this is the same people who were the one who said Christians voted for Obi. APC brought out the Muslim Muslim ticket and I bet if it was a Christian- Christian ticket, the Muslims in Nigeria will never agree to it.

You brought out a Muslim-Muslim ticket and some Christians voted for obi and you all came out with  complaining Christians voted for Obi is what still amazes me.

We’ve all gone through alot and we are still stagnant. When will religion be kept aside and we vote  for competency, for the sake of change, development, how about that? There’s no harm in practicing yours and I practice mine.