A Transgender Woman was Crowned Miss Universe Netherlands

In a groundbreaking moment for the Netherlands, history was made as a transgender woman was crowned Miss Universe Netherlands for the very first time. Rikkie Valerie Kolle, a 22-year-old trailblazer, emerged victorious in the pageant on Saturday, earning her the title of Miss Netherlands and securing her spot in the upcoming Miss Universe competition later this year. This global event brings together women from all corners of the world, all vying for the coveted crown.

The coronation was an exhilarating moment, with the presence of the previous Miss Netherlands, Ona Moody, and the reigning Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel from the USA, who joined in awarding Kolle with the prestigious prize. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy, as RVK herself radiated enthusiasm and gratitude.

Kolle’s journey continues onto the grand stage, where the Miss Universe competition will be held in El Salvador this December. While she is the first transgender woman in the Netherlands to compete, she follows in the footsteps of Spain’s Angela Ponce, who previously vied for the Miss Universe title in 2018. It is noteworthy that more transgender women have been participating in national Miss Universe pageants in recent years, reflecting a positive shift in inclusivity. In fact, the Miss Universe organization’s new owner, Anne Jakrajutatip, is transgender, further exemplifying this progressive change.

After the event, Kolle took to social media to express her sheer elation, posting, “I DID IT!” She eagerly looks forward to the upcoming months, brimming with excitement and determination as she prepares to tackle the Miss Universe competition.