Cubana Chief Priest Endorses Sanwo Olu

Celebrity Bar Man, Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest and Imo-born show promoter, businessman, who is the Owner of Club Xhrine in Owerri.

Cubana Chief Priest said in an Instagram Post “4 + 4 For the man way sabi @jidesanwoolu Rugged You His Excellency, its Time to finish what you Started. In construction. Person way build Caracas suppose still do finishing, if na lie ask @sujimoto81 Na super, Proper & Luxury Construction dey be. Vote APC for Governor of Lagos State. He will perfect imperfections

Comments section were not nice, it was all in support of LP

@adeyanju_af said “Collect your money in peace and Rest”
@itz.kizzy226 Said
All of you just campaigned for Peter Obi because you guys know Nigerians will come for you people now tell me how want an LP president and surround him with PDP and APC governors, all of you celebrities have just come out to show ur real self, is all about personal interests and personal relationships nobody can tell me otherwise.. You want change and you are recycling the same old PDP and APC governors that has kept us all in this mess we are into today,. We need people with no experience of corruption but you all are after pockets and ur businesses and it was never for the betterment of Nigeria… LP top to bottom πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
@mazilucky_ said
If this man did well for the past 4years he won’t even need to campaign much to be re-elected I swear, this 4+4 norm is where we are where we are today, after wasting 8 years he will now go retire in senate… SANWOOLU IS NOT FIT TO BE RE-ELECTED πŸ“Œ
You want a space to build ur club and bar in Lagos state. Playing politics of interest. You supported Obi cos u know youth will come for you.