Former Security Guard Arrested for Gruesome Murder of Ex-Employer

In a shocking turn of events, the Rivers State Police Command has apprehended John Danjuma, a security guard accused of brutally slaying his former employer. The tragic incident occurred at the residence of Boma Amaomu-Jumbo, a former Director of Admin in UPTH, located in the prestigious GRA area of Port Harcourt. As investigations unfold, the story unveils a chilling motive behind the crime and the subsequent arrest of the suspect.

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the lifeless body of Boma Amaomu-Jumbo was discovered at her residence on Dandison Close, off Amaechi Drive. John Danjuma, the alleged perpetrator, had reportedly gained access to the property by surreptitiously destroying the kitchen protector. Under the cover of darkness, he concealed himself inside the main building, meticulously planning his sinister act.

Upon his arrest and subsequent interrogation at the State Criminal and Investigation Department in Port Harcourt, John Danjuma made a chilling confession. He admitted to sneaking into his former boss’s residence on the fateful morning, taking advantage of the imminent court hearing scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2023, regarding his previous trial for alleged theft. Gripped by a sense of revenge, Danjuma armed himself with a machete he found in the kitchen and mercilessly attacked Boma Amaomu-Jumbo in one of the rooms, ultimately ending her life.

In an attempt to cover his tracks, John Danjuma not only committed murder but also stole some of his victim’s jewelry before attempting to flee the scene. However, fate intervened as observant neighbors raised an alarm upon noticing bloodstains on Danjuma’s person as he exited the building. Their vigilance led to his swift capture, thwarting his desperate bid to escape justice.

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During subsequent questioning, John Danjuma cited a tumultuous relationship with his former employer as the underlying cause of the heinous act. He claimed that Boma Amaomu-Jumbo had falsely accused him of stealing a substantial sum of $10,000. Although Danjuma vehemently denied any involvement in the alleged theft, he found himself entangled in a bitter legal battle, with the court proceedings set to resume imminently.

The Rivers State Police Command, under the guidance of spokesperson SP Grace Iringe-Koko, promptly confirmed the incident and announced the arrest of John Danjuma. The case has since been transferred to the State Criminal and Investigation Department for further investigation.

The shocking murder of Boma Amaomu-Jumbo by her former security guard has sent shockwaves through the community. As the investigation delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding the crime, the motive behind this brutal act is slowly being unraveled. The tragic loss of a respected former Director of Admin in UPTH serves as a stark reminder of the dark realities that can emerge from fractured relationships and unresolved disputes.