Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed Aims to Break Hilda Baci Cooking Records Begs for help from Supporters


Renowned Kenyan chef, Maliha Mohammed, is set to make history by surpassing the longest cooking record previously held by Nigeria’s Hilda Baci. Seeking to achieve two Guinness World Records, Maliha has called upon generous donations from individuals, both in cash and kind, as she prepares for her upcoming cook-a-thon scheduled for May 26, 2023.

At the age of 40 and a devoted mother of two, Maliha Mohammed recently revealed her ambitious plan to break the Guinness World Record set by Hilda Baci. To prepare herself, she will conduct a trial cook-a-thon lasting 45 hours, serving as a practice run before her main cook-a-thon set to take place in August of this year.

Taking to her Instagram page, Maliha shared her account details, welcoming contributions in cash or kind to cover her preparation and overall expenses. She also announced her intention to donate the food prepared during her trial cook-a-thon to a company promoting women’s empowerment. Additionally, her fans and loved ones are invited to witness her cooking live in her home, where they will be treated to her delicious creations.

In her post, Maliha emphasized the significance of donations and encouraged her followers to show their support. She provided her mpesa number (0706349213) for cash contributions and assured everyone that the funds would contribute to her 45-hour cooking trial. She expressed gratitude for the generosity, explaining that the food cooked during the trial would be distributed by @rehanabaluch, benefiting the African woman empowerment company (0113031976), as well as her fans, friends, and family attending the live event in her Tudor Mombasa kitchen.

Apart from breaking the previous record, Maliha also revealed her intention to set another record, the ‘home kitchen cooking marathon.’ After applying to Guinness World Records in December of the previous year, she received a positive response via email, confirming her eligibility to attempt the challenge. Determined to succeed, she plans to train rigorously from May to July in preparation for both record-breaking endeavors.

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This is not the first time Maliha has demonstrated her exceptional culinary skills. In both 2017 and 2019, she shattered the previous cooking record, showcasing her endurance and passion by cooking non-stop for an impressive 72 and 75 hours, respectively. However, despite her tremendous efforts, her previous achievements were not officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.

To secure the record this time, Chef Maliha must surpass the remarkable milestone set by Hilda Baci just last week. With an aim to cook for over 100 hours, Maliha seeks to claim the title of the ‘Longest Cooking by an Individual Marathon.’

Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed’s pursuit of breaking cooking records highlights her remarkable dedication and passion for the culinary arts. With the support of generous individuals, she aims to achieve new milestones and solidify her place in culinary history. By rallying behind her cause through donations and attending her live cooking event, everyone has the opportunity to play a part in this extraordinary journey.