Nigerians and Beninese comments on the Fuel Subsidy Removal

The twitter post reads ” The new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has taken the decision to no longer subsidize the purchase of petroleum products. This measure will result in an increase in the price of contraband gasoline called “Kpayo” in Benin in the days to come.

Here are mixed comments from Nigerians and Beninese citizens

JagabanOlu @jagabanolu Commented Jun 1

So Benin, Togo and Niger are using our subsidised Nigerian petrol and then they treat Nigerians like nonesense in their country… let’s see how they manage!

@habyb_alfa Jun 1

La fuel, La finish for you. La we la buy 511, la yu la buy 800. Comprehendi? Are you in or out?


‘Quand le Nigeria est enrhumé, le Bénin éternue.”

Dangote va pouvoir prendre sa revanche sur Talon.

Translated from French by

‘When Nigeria has a cold, Benin sneezes.

Dangote will be able to take his revenge on Talon.

@Adek9000 Jun 1

na una dey enjoy our money 😂😂😂

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