Pastor Accused of Absconding with Attendees’ Possessions at Crusade in Ibadan

According to reports from Vanguard News, Dr. Owen Abraham, a pastor, is alleged to have disappeared with the possessions of worshipers who attended a crusade he organized in Aponrin, in the Agbowo area of Ibadan. The possessions include fifty-two Android and iPhones, money, and other valuables. The pastor claimed to have been directed by the Holy Spirit to tell the attendees to hand over their phones and valuables on the last day of the three-day crusade. However, he later absconded with them.

Mrs. Grace Akintola, a widow who attended the crusade, said that the pastor promised each person a bag of rice and money, and he also promised to provide scholarships for students. The pastor reportedly sold a bottle of water to attendees on the last day of the crusade for N4,800, claiming that it contained perfume. Many people paid for the water.

The pastor also ordered attendees to fast for three days and collected their phones to prevent distractions during prayer. However, it turned out to be a ploy to get rid of their belongings. He even seized the phone of a lady who tried to take his photograph.

As a result, Abraham has been declared wanted by the community, and posters bearing his name and pictures have been circulated to track him down.

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