Plateau State Governor-Elect Reveals Sorry State of Jos Wildlife Park

Newly elected Governor of Plateau state, Caleb Mutfwang, has revealed that the Jos wildlife park is devoid of animals during an interview with Peoples Gazette on April 1st. When asked about his plans to improve tourism in Plateau state, Mutfwang admitted that there is a lot of potential in the Jos wildlife park, but currently, there are no animals left.

Mutfwang went on to acknowledge the errors of past administrations and the need for collaboration with the private sector to revamp tourism in the state. He also highlighted the importance of security in the development of tourism, as insecurity has hampered the growth of the sector in Plateau state.

The Jos wildlife park, which was established in 1972 and is home to some endangered species, has been a disappointment to many who have argued that it has not lived up to expectations. In 2015, there was a scare when a lion escaped from the park, leading to the killing of the animal by soldiers.

Despite the challenges, Governor Mutfwang remains optimistic that his administration can revive the park and the tourism industry in Plateau state, with the support of the private sector and a renewed focus on security.

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