President Buhari’s Appoints Garba Baba Umar as Security Adviser with Just 2 Weeks Remaining in his Tenure

President Muhammadu Buhari has made a significant appointment to ensure Nigeria maintains its crucial position within the International Police Organisation, also known as INTERPOL. Garba Baba Umar, the retiring Assistant Inspector General of Police, has been appointed as a Senior Security Adviser on International Police Cooperation and Counter-terrorism in the office of the Minister of Police Affairs.

This decision by President Buhari highlights the importance of retaining experienced individuals who can continue to contribute to the nation even after retirement. A similar precedent was set in 2018 when AIG Kamal Subair (Rtd) was retained in service by the Nigerian government.

AIG Umar has been an invaluable member of the Executive Committee during his tenure, providing substantial assistance to Nigeria in various capacities. President Buhari has expressed confidence that in the remaining one year of AIG Umar’s tenure, he will continue to enhance the country’s security efforts by securing advanced equipment for crime prevention, managing borders effectively, and countering terrorism.

Additionally, the President hopes that AIG Umar will play a vital role in facilitating the appointment of more Nigerians to significant positions within INTERPOL.

AIG Umar’s current term at INTERPOL is set to conclude in November 2024. However, his new role as Senior Security Adviser will commence on May 16, 2023. This appointment aims to ensure Nigeria’s continued influence and benefit from its involvement in international law enforcement cooperation and counter-terrorism efforts.

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