Sanctions: Nigeria Cut-off Electricity Supply to Niger

After the recent coup in Niger, major cities in the country are experiencing rolling blackouts, leading to power shortages. According to Nigelec, Niger’s electricity company, the blackouts are a result of Nigeria reducing its electricity supplies to its northern neighbor.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional trading bloc, has imposed sanctions on Niger in response to the coup, but it has not specified whether these sanctions include electricity supplies.

To address the crisis in Niger, ECOWAS defense chiefs are currently convening a meeting in Nigeria. Additionally, West African leaders have given Niger’s military junta a one-week ultimatum to relinquish power, warning of possible military intervention otherwise.

European countries have initiated the evacuation of their citizens from Niger due to the tense situation.

Cities such as Niamey, Maradi, and Zinder are facing severe power rationing, with residents experiencing power for only about an hour before it is switched off for up to five hours. Such power cuts are unusual in Niger, which typically enjoys regular and reliable electricity supply.

Niger’s heavy dependence on its wealthier neighbor, Nigeria, as its primary electricity supplier contributes to the current crisis. The Transmission Company of Nigeria has refrained from commenting on the situation, but an anonymous source revealed to the BBC that the reduction in electricity supply to Niger occurred on Tuesday following a presidential directive.

Source: BBC

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