Seven Students from University of Jos Kidnapped

In a shocking incident that unfolded in the last Wednesday, suspected gunmen executed a brazen kidnapping of seven University of Jos (UNIJOS) students. The horrifying ordeal took place at a private hostel near the former Nigerian School of Accountancy along Bauchi Ring Road in Jos North local government. The victims were diligently studying for their ongoing second-semester examinations when the perpetrators, numbering several, forcefully abducted them. As the authorities initiate a rescue operation and the university investigates, the victims’ families have also received a distressing ransom demand from the kidnappers.

Details of the Incident: Around 1:00 am, a group of armed kidnappers made their presence known by storming the hostel, breaking into the room where the students were studying. The assailants, acting swiftly, coerced the students into a waiting vehicle and swiftly fled the scene. It was a terrifying experience lasting close to thirty minutes, during which the captors held the students at gunpoint. Regrettably, the other residents of the hostel, though aware of the intrusion, were unable to intervene until the kidnappers departed. Promptly, the incident was reported to both the police and the University of Jos authorities, who immediately responded to the distressing situation.

Ongoing Efforts to Locate the Students: The Plateau State Police spokesman, DSP Alfred Alabo, confirmed the harrowing incident and assured the public that the police force has deployed extensive resources to comb the surrounding bush in the hope of rescuing the kidnapped students. Meanwhile, the university representatives visited the off-campus hostel to gather firsthand information and coordinate with the relevant authorities. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, and every effort is being made to secure the safe return of the abducted students.

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Disturbing Ransom Demand: Adding to the anguish faced by the victims’ families, the kidnappers contacted them in the early hours of Wednesday, demanding an undisclosed ransom. The details of the negotiation and the measures taken to ensure the students’ safe release remain confidential to protect their well-being. Authorities and families are working tirelessly to resolve this distressing situation and reunite the students with their loved ones.

Conclusion: The kidnapping of seven University of Jos students has sent shockwaves through the community and raised concerns about the safety of off-campus residences. As law enforcement agencies intensify their search efforts and the university takes steps to enhance security measures, our thoughts are with the abducted students and their families during this traumatic period. The incident serves as a reminder of the pressing need for collaborative action to protect students and ensure the sanctity of their educational environment.