Tinubu Urged all Nigerians to set aside their Differences and Work Towards Nation-Building

Bola Tinubu, the President-elect, is calling for Nigerians to come together and heal the wounds of the recent general election. In a statement released on Tuesday, Tinubu urged all Nigerians to set aside their differences and work towards nation-building.


Tinubu congratulated the newly elected governors and state lawmakers, while also reminding them of the promises they made during their campaigns. He stressed the importance of consolidating democratic governance at the sub-national level to bring more development and an improved quality of life to the masses.


The President-elect also condemned the incidents of electoral violence and voter suppression that marred the elections in some states. He described such acts as unacceptable and antithetical to democratic ethos.

Tinubu further expressed his sadness about the ethnic slurs and profiling that were reported in some locations, saying that they are capable of creating needless mischaracterization.


Tinubu emphasized that it is time for the healing process to begin, urging elected officials to work diligently and sincerely to make life better for the masses. He stressed the need for unity, saying that every hand from wherever it may come should be on deck to build a better Nigeria.


Tinubu concluded his statement by assuring Nigerians that he is ready to work with everyone as their President. He promised to be a worthy partner that they can trust and rely on as they all bond together in unity of purpose and renewed hope for the betterment of their blessed country and beloved people.