Arsenal may not Succeed in their Bid for Premier League

Gary Neville is among those who hold the view that Arsenal will not succeed in their bid for the Premier League title due to the pressure they will face in the closing stages of the competition.

However, is this prediction accurate? Neville believes that Arsenal’s struggles in the latter stages of previous seasons, such as last year, will prevent them from clinching the title this year, which will go to Manchester City according to him.

Other pundits and high-profile former players working in the media seem to share this opinion. The general consensus is that Arsenal’s inexperience will hinder them, and they will not be able to cope with the pressure in the final weeks of the season.

However, this sentiment is not shared within the Arsenal camp. Mikel Arteta, his coaching staff, and the players themselves all firmly believe that they can win the title. They are not worried about a repeat of last season’s late collapse and are instead using it as motivation.


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