FRSC Salary and Benefits: What You Need to Know

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is a government agency responsible for road safety management in Nigeria. It is important to note that the FRSC salary structure is based on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS), and it varies according to an officer’s rank and qualifications.

For officers with O’level certificates

The salary range is between N298,506 and N330,231 per annum, while

Those with OND certificates

Earn between N329,853 and N374,259 per annum.

Those with HND certificates

Receive between N483,014 and N567,065 per annum, and

Those with a Bachelor’s Degree

Earn between N888,956 and N988,991 per annum.

In Terms of Ranks

The Chief Inspector (CI) earns a basic annual salary of ₦1,405,449per annum while

The Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) earns ₦1,325,234 per annum, and

The Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) earns ₦1,252,038 per annum

The Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) earns ₦1,143,539 per annum and

The Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) earns ₦1,058,416 per annum

The lowest rank is the Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) with a salary of ₦305,576 per annum.

In addition to the salary structure, FRSC officers also enjoy other benefits and welfare packages such as health insurance, traveling allowance, and housing allowance. The officers are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme, which covers both them and their families.

The senior officers are entitled to a traveling allowance whenever they are on official duty outside their state of assignment. Officers are also entitled to accommodation within their place of assignment, and when there is no accommodation available, they are paid a housing allowance that covers their accommodation.

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FRSC officers also have access to a cooperative society that helps them access loans, savings, and buy goods at a subsidized rate from trusted customers. The agency also provides insurance coverage for special marshals in case of death through road traffic accidents. Special marshals are also protected by an immunity provision in the Act.

In conclusion, the salary structure of FRSC officers is based on their rank and qualifications. The agency also provides other benefits and welfare packages to ensure the well-being of its officers.