NDLEA Salary Structure and Benefits for Officers

The salary structure of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is based on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS) and is determined by an officer’s ranking. Like other paramilitary agencies in Nigeria, the ranking system is dependent on an individual’s qualifications.

 NDLEA Graduates

Grade Level 8 Step 1,

N888,956 per annum (before deductions) which is approximately N74,000 per month.

Grade Level 8 Step 2

N900,071 per annum (before deductions), which is about N75,000 per month.

HND Holders

Grade Level 7 Step 1 earn about N54,000 per month (before deductions),

 OND/NCE Holders

 Grade Level 6 Step 1 earn about N50,000 per month (before deductions).

O’Level Holders

Grade Level 5 Step 1 earn about N50,000 per month (before deductions).

Additionally, NDLEA officers are entitled to certain allowances based on their rank and position within the agency. Apart from the salary and allowances, officers of the NDLEA enjoy other benefits and welfare packages. These include:

  1. Health Insurance: NDLEA officers and their families are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme.
  2. Traveling Allowance: Senior officers of the agency are entitled to a traveling allowance whenever they are on official duty outside their state of assignment.
  3. Housing Allowance: NDLEA officers are entitled to accommodation within their place of assignment. When there is no accommodation available, they are paid a housing allowance that covers their accommodation.

These benefits and welfare packages are in addition to the salary and allowances, making NDLEA one of the better-paying paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

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