Nigeria Dangerously Divided Along Ethnic and Religious Lines says Former Central Bank Governor

In a report by Punch News, Muhammad Sanusi, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has raised concern over the state of Nigeria’s unity, stating that the country has never been as divided as it is now since the Civil War of 1967 to 1970.

He said that the ongoing elections have led to dangerous divisions along ethnic and religious lines, questioning the integrity of public institutions.

Speaking via Zoom at the third Nigerian Leadership Colloquium in honour of senior pastor Ituah Ighodalo, Sanusi stressed that Nigeria has a challenge of nation-building, with its economy currently in the doldrums.

He also highlighted the need to critically evaluate the process through which leaders emerge in Nigeria. Sanusi believes that Nigerians should know who they are voting for and that candidates should be subjected to public scrutiny. He called for a more transparent process to choose Nigeria’s leaders.

Sanusi’s concerns are valid, and Nigeria needs to address them urgently to ensure unity and progress. The country must focus on nation-building and promoting peace and harmony among its diverse ethnic and religious groups. Additionally, the electoral process must be transparent, and the people need to be well-informed before casting their votes.

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