Rex Garner Biography (1921 – 2015)

biography of Rex Garner

Rex Garner Biography (1921 – 17 May 2015)

Rex Garner, a renowned British actor and director, had an indelible impact on both the British and South African entertainment sectors over his successful career. Garner, who was born in Wolverhampton, England, in 1921, rose to popularity in the theatre and television industries due to his talent and enthusiasm for acting.

Throughout his career, Garner adorned British television screens, mesmerising audiences with his performances. Notably, he co-starred in the popular series “My Wife and I,” demonstrating his versatility and acting abilities.

Garner made a key decision in 1968 to move to South Africa and join the prestigious Academy Theatre. His decision proved to be fortunate, as he found a new home in the thriving South African theatre industry. By 1974, Garner had cemented his place in South Africa’s theatrical landscape.

Garner collaborated with Pieter Toerien in 1979, embarking on a journey of performing and directing plays that left an unforgettable mark on South African theatre. His contributions to the industry were recognised in 1983, when he received the coveted Fleur du Cap Theatre Award for Best Actor, demonstrating his great talent and dedication.

Garner’s artistic vision expanded beyond the theatre, as proven by his 1981 directorial involvement in Tommie Meyer’s film “Birds of Paradise”. His ability to shine both in front and behind the camera cemented his reputation as an all-around entertainer.

Garner returned to South Africa in the early 2000s after decades of enhancing the country’s cultural scene, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire young actors and filmmakers throughout the world.

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Garner died on May 17, 2015, at the age of 94, leaving a global legacy. He is survived by his seven children and ex-wife, demonstrating the significant impact he had in both his personal and professional lives.

Rex Garner’s contributions to the arts will forever be remembered, ensuring that his legacy endures for generations to come.