Words you Need to Know in Pidgin English before coming to Nigeria

Pidgin English is an English that is popular in Nigeria. It is spoken everywhere, from Lagos to Port Harcourt, Warri to Abuja. If you want to learn Pidgin English, then, you need to know some of the twenty (20) basic words and their English meaning.

  1. Abeg – Please
  2. Chop – Eat
  3. Waka – Walk
  4. Jollof – A popular rice dish
  5. Sisi – Lady or girl
  6. Oga – Boss
  7. How you dey? – How are you?
  8. Na wa – Expression of surprise or disbelief
  9. Shoki – A popular dance move
  10. Gist – Talk or conversation
  11. Oyinbo – White person or foreigner
  12. Naija – Nigeria
  13. Maga – Fool or gullible person
  14. Yan – Talk or speak
  15. Yawa – Problem or trouble
  16. Shakara – Show off or arrogance
  17. Jasi – Party or have fun
  18. Jand – Abroad or overseas
  19. Okada – Motorcycle or bike
  20. Ehen – An expression used to get someone’s attention or to affirm a point.

Now that you have learned these 20 words and their meaning, you can confidently speak in Pidgin English; go out there and show you can speak.

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